Welcome to the Chasing Zest Podcast!

So here we go… if you have been following me over on Instagram (or if you’re on my email list), you’ll know that I have a big announcement to make, which is that…

I am launching a PODCAST next week! This has been on my vision board since the start of the year (either that or a YouTube channel, but to be honest I’m loving the fact I can record in my PJ’s if I want to!).

The Chasing Zest Podcast is for busy, exhausted women who barely have time to focus on their own health and wellness needs, let alone those goals that they always dreamt about but could never quite make happen. The first two episodes will be available on iTunes and Spotify on Monday 5th October, but for now there’s a sneak peak trailer available to whet your appetite!

This trailer offers a glimpse of what’s to come from the Chasing Zest Podcast. You’ll hear weekly episodes on topics such as creating new, healthier habits as a busy Mum, letting go of perfectionism, reflecting and setting goals (yes, because *news flash* YOU deserve to have goals too), dealing with times of change and uncertainty, fitting in exercise and self care, and navigating your changing perception of yourself as a Mum.

Weekly episodes will be published here and also over on iTunes and Spotify.

Also, if you’d like to subscribe to the podcast to be informed when new episodes go live, it would mean the world to me .

To listen on iTunes CLICK HERE.

To listen on Spotify CLICK HERE.

More next week when the first TWO episodes are published and the podcast officially launches!

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