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Have you ever watched events like the London Marathon on TV, and secretly wished that you could one day you could do something like that? Do you have awful memories of running at school but also harbour a desire to lace up and get out there?

You're never too 'old' or too 'unfit' to start.

Working one to one with a running coach isn’t just for elite athletes and those training for a marathon. I can help you to run your first 5km, assist you in improving your 10km time, or prepare you for your first half marathon. What’s more, through working with me you’ll discover that running is enjoyable, bringing so much more to your life than just endless plodding and ticking off miles on a training plan.

Maybe you’re a new runner who just wants personal support and advice on getting out there, or perhaps you’re a more experienced runner who requires accountability and regular training sessions delivered directly to you (plus all important feedback!). If so, my monthly coaching is for you.

It’s never too late to discover the positive impact that running can have on your life. 

Running coach & mentor

I love running. It’s probably what I’m best known for in my day-to-day life and local community. Having being something of a runner at school, I rediscovered my love of the sport in 2011 when I was living in Cairo, Egypt. In 2013 I ran my first marathon, and have run nine marathons since, knocking 45 minutes off my time!

I have also become fascinated with the world of ultra-running, having competed in the 2 Oceans 56km event in Cape Town, and running the infamous Comrades Marathon (90km) two years in a row.

Since having Dylan, I have become so humbled by the sport and by what my body can do, and it is now my mission to get women into running, not only for fitness but for the mental health benefits. Running is my alone time, thinking time and a challenge I enjoy.

I’ve had my fair share of running highs and lows over the years; the highs including my marathon PB in Tokyo and running the Comrades Marathon (90km) twice. However, I also had a disaster at Berlin Marathon when I fell significantly short of the time I was aiming for and walked for most of the last 8km…when I was interviewed on German TV (facepalm). Getting back into fitness after having a baby has also been challenging, but it has also given me the drive and determination to succeed more than ever.

Throughout all the chaos and the ups and downs that life brings, running has remained my one constant. It helps you to recognise that you are stronger than you think, and that, given dedication and a willingness to adapt, we are capable of so much more than we could ever imagine.

Running can have such a huge impact on your life in so many ways, from travel to mental health. That’s why I am now helping other women (and men!) to begin running, despite all our preconceived notions and memories from school.

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