Find mental strength & self belief whilst rediscovering your zest for life through the transformational power of running.

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I’m a certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and an England Athletics accredited running coach whose mission is to spark transformation and empower women so that they can become unstuck, rediscover their purpose, and lead happier, healthier lives, both for themselves and for their families. 

Health and lifestyle coach, runner and Mum.

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Hi! I'm Rachael

I'm here to show you that lifestyle change is achievable, no matter how many times you've tried before.


"Rachael was so easy to talk to and helped me make some really beneficial tweaks to the way I was eating and exercising which have made me feel more organised, empowered and accomplished.

The support between sessions was invaluable and helped keep me on track with my goals. I can’t wait to work with Rachael again in future. ”

- Rosalyn

I never thought I'd be able to run for more than a minute at once, never mind finding a 10km race enjoyable and having energy for a sprint finish! With Rachael's patient coaching and enthusiastic encouragement, it wasn't a case of being pushed out of my comfort zone, but of wanting to test myself and strive to do better. And that's so much more rewarding because my resilience came from within! 

I went from barely being able to run for a minute to getting a sub 28 minute 5km and a sub 60 minute 10km. But, as you will quickly learn under Rachael's positive and caring coaching style; that's not what matters! What matters is that I now know that I have a strength and a determination I thought was for other people, and I have a new understanding of the amazing things my body and mind can do when they work together. That's something I use beyond running in other areas of my life...and that's priceless.

- Jane, online running coaching with some in person sessions

“Working with Rachael allowed me to realise where my priorities lie and what I really needed to focus my time on to help me grow; taking time to evaluate parts of my life with someone I could trust who allowed me to speak openly and confidently about my goals and what might be stopping me.”

- Vicki

“Rachael’s workshop focused on exploring our own attitudes towards food, then moved onto looking at a selection of super nutritious and versatile foods that can be whipped up into wholesome and healthy meals, snacks and treats. The result: more variety in our diet, a happy colourful kitchen, and healthy family meals.”

- Lizzi

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Learn more about working with me as your coach, be it for lifestyle, running or both. If you are feeling like I once did, regardless of where you live, your age or your level of fitness, I would love for you to get in touch to find out how you can turn things around by setting small, achievable goals.

I can’t promise you the perfect life, but I can certainly help you to progress in the right direction.

Let's work together.

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