Health & lifestyle coaching with runners in mind, in one simple package.

Go all in.

Are you a runner who is looking for a coach who offers more...something that goes beyond training programs and running goals? Explore my running and lifestyle coaching geared specifically towards people like you.

This 1-1 coaching program will focus on more than your athletic abilities, looking at your lifestyle as a whole and delving into how things like work, family and stress may impact your training.

We’ll work on fitting running into a busy life, paying specific attention to the food you need to fuel your body as you work towards both running and life goals. There’ll be important discussions about recovery and why this is so important.

Perhaps you have been thinking about working with a health coach for a while, and have always been interested in beginning your journey into the world of running. 

With my help, you’ll have access to both personalised running training alongside health and lifestyle coaching. The two areas can overlap as much or as little as you want...probably depending on the extent with which you fall in love with running!

In this unique program, you’ll benefit from both my 1-1 running coaching alongside my signature health coaching program. Having one coach who focuses on both running and lifestyle can be really beneficial. We know what’s going on behind the scenes and get to understand exactly what factors both help and hinder your performance - whether you’re just starting out or are looking to improve.




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Here are just some of the areas we may look at, according to your own specific challenges and desires…

"There’s not a better feeling than when you have found that moment of balance and harmony when both running and life come together. Then you know why you run and that you couldn’t live without it."

- JOAN BENOIT samuelson, olympian

Quotes to live by

Let me answer your questions!

You will have full access to everything detailed in both my 1-1 running coaching program and my 1-1 health and lifestyle coaching program.

We will initially work together for 3 months. Each fortnight, we’ll get together on Zoom for about an hour to discuss your obstacles and challenges, and will work together to set goals, create action plans, targets and milestones. I’ll send you detailed feedback after each session so that you can go over it again if you need to.

In addition, we’ll have a running specific call on Zoom for up to an hour each month where we’ll discuss your previous month’s training and what’s coming up in the following month. As I will already know what else is going on in your life in depth, I’ll be able to account for any challenges that you may be facing, or anything else that you are working on.

I’ll be there to hold you accountable and will regularly check in with you on Voxer between our sessions together. If you have any questions or need some tips and motivation, I’m available during working hours throughout our time together.

You will have access to all of my exclusive resources specific to your needs and goals, helping you to break them down into smaller, actionable steps.

Both as part of running coaching and lifestyle coaching, we will of course focus on making small changes that add up, keeping things nicely consistent and as balanced as possible.

The answer to this question depends entirely on you! Perhaps you’re looking for running coaching that will improve your time over a specific distance, and want your health and lifestyle coaching to help support that. Or, it could be that you want to welcome running into your life but are not quite sure how to fit it in, or that you really want to get to grips with areas such as nutrition.

I would recommend checking out both my health and lifestyle coaching page and my running coaching page; you will receive everything from both services and we can cater everything towards your ultimate goals.

My 1-1 health and lifestyle coaching combined with running coaching is payable on a monthly basis in advance.

Initially I ask for a three-month commitment from you in order for you to really start seeing and feeling the results. After the initial three months you are welcome to extend on a monthly basis.

Prices displayed here are in GBP, EUR and USD. Prices are subject to change due to exchange rates. If you require a quote in a different currency, please just let me know when you enquire.

Cost per month
€440 / £380 / $530