10km Running training Programs

Running can be an intimidating sport to get into. That's why my beginner's running 10km program is right there with you, week after week.

If you're longing to lace up and start running but aren't ready for a 1-1 coach just yet, my 10km training program offers you accountability and direction.

Lasting for 10 weeks, the plan takes you on three runs a week, starting off slowly before gradually building upon the time spent running. What's more, you'll receive a video from me which talks you through each week, meaning that you can go back and have a recap at the start of each week, as well as a fresh boost of motivation.

The plan is carefully designed with beginners like you in mind. Need to repeat a week? No worries. There is also advice on things such as how to log your runs, warming up and cooling down, yoga and cross training.

A 10km training program for beginners who want a safe, fun way of getting into running.

Online training programs

My training program comes with video guides, taking you through each week.

A PDF guide to various elements of running, such as  how to start and when to fit in your runs.

A 10 week program for 10km.

An accompanying video where I go into a bit more information about each week and why we are doing what we're doing. It's basically me talking you through each week.
Information and links to resources on cross training, yoga and more!

If you're a beginner looking to take on your first 10km, my training program is designed with you in mind. This 10 week program takes you through three sessions a week, preparing you for a 10km non-stop run at the end.

This training plan differs from those you may find on the internet, as I include a video breakdown of your plan, explaining the reasoning behind it and taking you through each week. You can revisit this video at any point, which is great for keeping motivated!

Here's what you'll get from me...

1-1 running coaching

If you're looking for something geared specifically towards YOU and your own unique goals, you may find my 1-1 running coaching helpful.

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